Florida Gamedayr Running Diary: Florida Gators vs. Air Force Falcons

Florida Gators guard Kenny Boynton shoots over Air Force Falcons forward Marek Olesinski during the second half at the Orange Bowl Classic Basketball game at the BB&T Center. (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

During Florida basketball games I keep a running diary of the events that happen of note during the game. Here are my unfiltered notes from Florida’s victory over the Air Force Falcons.

1st Half

19:32- Murphy backs down and continues to show an advanced inside game, tears of joy stream down my face.

19:25-Press early, forces a turnover on Air Force’s 1st possession, that’s rude defense, didn’t even let them get to half-court.

18:46- Kenny Boynton clanks a 3, this needs to be a pleasant homecoming for him.

16:15- Quick brick on the three-point attempt for Air Force, not a great shot, not how you go about upsetting a good team.

15:12- Air Force’s offense is very perimeter heavy.

13:32- Patric Young abuses Micheal Lyons with a spin move down low, the mismatch showed.

12:50- Eric Murphy abuses Kyle Green with a spin move down low, the mismatch showed.

12:15- Announcers just read an advertisement for a doorbell that plays “we are the boys” when you ring it. My birthday is in two months Gamedayrs, make it happen.

11:36- Michael Frazier II has an awful airball on a three-point attempt. As we venture into the timeout, Florida has overcome an early 5 point deficit to take a 14-12 lead.

8:47- Not only does Todd Fletcher have as many turnovers at this point in the game (three) as he did coming into the game (five), he also just committed an awful foul putting WIlbekin on the line for the old-fashioned three-point play. If you’re going to slay a giant, you can’t shoot yourself in the foot Air Force.

2:55- Prather with an athletic up and under down low, tying the game at 27, every game he does something to remind me he’s really really athletic, I need to stop forgetting.

1:59- Will Yeguete just ran Tre’ Coggins slap over, I doubt it was on purpose, that doesn’t make it any less awesome to see.

:45- Wilbekin threw it off the back of an unsuspecting Mike Fitzgerald playground style, then layed it in. He did it so quickly the telecast was still showing a replay of the last play, Florida lead now 33-29.


Halftime– Florida has 33-31 lead, it will be interesting to see how they adjust at halftime. Maybe there will be some more pick and roll action involving the bigs into the offense, lack there of in the first half.


2nd Half

19:22- Patric Young just executed a textbook defensive rotation, concluding with a block, he earned it on that one.

18:09- Nice backdoor action to take advantage of the out of position Patric Young, who was defending on the perimeter.

15:07- Great defense leads to a turnover for Florida. On the other end the pace is too frantic and Yeguete is unable to corral the pass down low on the fast break, Florida’s lead remains 40-34 thanks impatient offense wasting outstanding defense.

14:33- Kenny Boynton hits his second three! Maybe the homecooking for this South Florida guy is just what he needed.

11:02- Mike Rosario has landed his fourth foul, not smart, Florida’s lead is 51-40, but they may need him down the stretch if things get tighter.

7:59- Boynton hits his third three pointer, Florida’s lead is 59-47, Boynton may be returning to form (one can only hope this is the case).

4:00- Yeguete does his best Patric Young impression swatting a lay-up attempt, keeps Florida’s lead at 68-53. Florida seems to be in prime position to coast to the finish.

0.0- Florida pulls away in the second half and makes it a yawner, just look at how many things were noteworthy in the first half juxtaposed to the second half.

FINAL- 78-61 Florida wins.

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