Fan creates stunning Florida Gators black ops football helmets

florida gators black ops football helmets

NOTE: These will not be worn, they are simply a fan creation. 

We love both fans and the uniswag game here at Gamedayr, so getting a little taste of both in one post is always a treat.

Curry Blackwell, better known as @KWGator on Twitter, is the mastermind behind this Florida Gators black ops helmet, as well as these orange and blue lids that have done the rounds on the blogosphere.

I am personally digging the styling used. Matte black on the sides, with a silver and blue gator head logo is a nice shift from the script “Gators.” Add in the blue stripe with silver accents across the middle and down through the face-mask, as well as the new “F” on the back, and these helmets would make any recruit out there want to suit up. There is just enough contrast between matte and shine to really make them pop.

What do you think of the design? Sound off in the comments below!

florida gators black ops football helmets 3

florida gators black ops football helmets 1

florida gators black ops football helmets 2

  • Jeremy

    they look AWESOME!!!!!

  • fran

    nooooo I don’t like them keep the traditional orange helmets

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  • Tha 2ruth

    As an Alabama fan I must say those helmets kick ass, great job

  • Big E

    I’d like to see some orange in it, they look good though