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Florida Gators have FIVE sports teams ranked No. 1 in the nation

Cred: @JArnholz

Talk about Gator Domination: as of March 4, 2014, five athletic programs for the University of Florida are ranked No. 1 in the nation. Men’s basketball, men and women’s indoor track, men’s swimming and diving, and softball all top the polls. If the women’s gymnastics team didn’t have the audacity to be ranked – gasp – second, there would be a sixth at the summit.

Florida currently has 14 varsity sports in season, of which 12 are ranked in the polls. Only baseball (which slid out this week) and women’s basketball are unranked. To put this in perspective: 36% of the teams are ranked No. 1, 57% in the top-5, and 86% are ranked.

Who says Florida is just a football school? NACDA Directors’ Cup, here we come.

[Proud to list our sources: Alligator Army]

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What do you think?
  • Matthew Briner

    um, baseball is most definitely NOT ranked #1.

    • Alex Wills

      “Only baseball (which slid out this week) and women’s basketball are unranked”

  • Pickleman

    Its not “The Everything School”. It is “The Sports School”.

  • TheRaid

    Gymnastics should be #1. We are the defending champions and we just posted the 2nd highest score in school history in our win vs. #3 LSU. We have several perfect 10 scores and we are the team to beat for the championship this year.

  • Jay91

    It doesn’t matter if you are ranked #1 in the middle of the season… Only at the end. This is why the Florida Gators are also #1 when it comes to the most obnoxious fans in college sports. They suck at football now so they have to find someway to say they are “#1″

    • Alex Wills

      Sounds like someone is salty. Florida won the Capital One Cup about a year ago meaning they were the top sports program at the end of the season. Why is it obnoxious to brag about that?

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