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Florida wants some more of the Hoyas, asks Georgetown to resume suspended game

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Gators and Hoyas are reportedly interesting in finishing their game from Nov. 9. (Rob Foldy-US PRESSWIRE)

The Florida Gators and Georgetown Hoyas tipped off the 2012 regular season on Nov. 9 aboard the USS Bataan off the coast of Jacksonville.

The game was suspended prior to the start of the second half due to too much condensation on the court. The Gators led the Hoyas, 27-23, when the contest was called off.

Florida is reportedly now wanting another shot at Georgetown. According to the Palm Beach Post, head coach Billy Donovan is “waiting to hear back from Georgetown.”

Donovan had the following to say:

“I think our school is waiting to hear back from Georgetown. Our school is in favor of making that happen. I know there’s a phone call in to discuss the possibility of finishing the game….Let’s just play a game and help each other out here.”

The game would pick up in the second half, with the same score intact. Both teams will likely be looking to increase their RPI, which would beef up their resume and lend them to better seeds come March Madness.

Georgetown head coach John Thompson III has also told reporters that the Hoyas are interested in resuming the game.

Sources: Palm Beach Post

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