Florida WR Quinton Dunbar takes Twitter shot at Urban Meyer following Ohio State loss

Urban Meyer and his No. 2-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes fell to No. 10 Michigan State, 34-24, on Saturday. The Big Ten title game loss dropped the Buckeyes from the ranks of the unbeaten and cost Ohio State a shot to play for the BCS National Championship Game.

One Florida Gators wide receiver, Quinton Dunbar, was tuning in, and when the final whistle blew he let Twitter know just how he felt about Meyer.

Dunbar played for Meyer for one season before the coach stepped down to focus on his health and spend more time with his family. Shortly thereafter, he took a gig with ESPN flying around the country as a college football broadcaster. That lasted for one season, before taking the Ohio State job.

The manner in which he left the Gators has had Florida fans wondering what his motives really were ever since.

Florida lineman Jon Halapio also took to Twitter to hate on his former coach following the game. He deleted the tweet shortly after sending, but Larry Brown Sports was able to capture it.

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There were probably a lot of fans around the country that shared the same feelings on Saturday when Meyer lost.

*UPDATED* Quinton Dunbar has since deleted the above tweet as well.

  • mmatthews90

    I know I did! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    Please remind me again what bowl the gators are going to this year? Someone please explain why any coach would ever be stupid enough to feel allegiance to Florida again after the way Spurrier was treated. The greatest coach in Florida history expressed interest in coming back to Florida after zook was fired, and he was promptly told to “submit his resume”. Hey florida idiots, his resume is in the trophy case. You should have been kissing his a** to get him back at Florida. I throw a party now every time South Carolina beats Florida.

    • Travis Whidden

      Bitch are you that stupid? The players have every right to hate on him. He made promises to these kids and then he leaves them. By the way It was Spurrier who turned Florida Down. I am glad he did because if came back we would look just like S.carolina every year so close but never get there. Urban Got us 2 so I think they made the right choice. Even if he bailed on us.

      • Barry L Alexander

        I agree about most of this, but SOS was disrespected by management which wanted a resume and was referred to the trophy case. It worked out OK but once again we held on to Urban too long and then went to an unproven person as HBC. That might work our OK as well.

      • Bobbie Jo Justice

        oh boo-hoo. here’s a lesson for spoiled little football brats who are hating on meyer. Nothing in life is guaranteed. they need to get over themselves.


      when the cockersuckerS from sc wins an sec or national title then get back w THE U OF FLORIDA UNTIL THEN STFU AND AND KNOW YA ROLL UScUCKS EVEN W YA FORMER GATOR FOR A HC LOL

      • Bobbie Jo Justice

        another jealous person I see.

    • ncg8r

      It seems your memory is rather short. Spurrier just up and left UF to try his ‘playbook’ in the NFL saying he had accomplished all he could while at UF. Then when he failed in the NFL, he thought UF would just open their checkbook and ask no questions. He had to get in line with everybody else and submit to a standard interview process. It wasn’t like he had set the world on fire and won multiple championships. Yes he was a good coach but he has a HUGE ego.

      • Guest

        my memory is just fine, thanks.

        spurrier the most successful coach in the history of college football at the team should have been given the keys to the kingdom in 2004, and the management buffoons should have stayed out of his way. .

        do you think fooley (oops, I guess I mean foley) doesn’t have an ultra big ego?

      • Bobbie Jo Justice

        my memory is just fine, thank you.

        the greatest coach in the history of florida football being told to submit a resume. Hey management idiots, my resume is in the trophy case is what I would have said too.

        and you don’t think that fooley (oops, I mean foley of course). has a big ego ?

    • bobbie jo justice o lineman

      please remind what conference ohio st is in? lmao the whack big 10 put them in the sec and take away there starting quarterback and all the injuries on d and what do you think theyre record would be? gators would b in a bowl game with this roster if they had ohio st weak ass schedule

  • DawgsFan

    Urban Meyer is 24 – 0, regular season after two years with Ohio State, when the Gators do that then you can talk your junk. What bowl game are the gators playing in again???


      the suckeyes are overrated and u uga bitches don’t have room to say squat since YA LAST AND FINAL NATIONAL TITLE WILL BE FROM 1980 !FU*K UGA U STILL OUR BITCH TO

      • Travis Whidden

        Tell that bitch again!!! All UGA fans are bitches!!! I have to live In Ga Because of my Job but you better believe they are all fairweather fans.

    • Barry L Alexander

      What decent teams has Urban beat in his two years. Perhaps zero. We are not playing but I bet OSU with our injuries would be way worse as well.

      • Joey

        Where would OSU be if Braxton Miller was lost in Week 5?

  • gatorgirl59

    Urban just called in sick tomorrow!!