Florida State girls really want No. 1 college basketball recruit Andrew Wiggins

Photo courtesy Yahoo! Sports

Life is good for the nation’s consensus No. 1-ranked basketball recruit.

Andrew Wiggins, who’s parents both attended Florida State and played collegiate sports for the Seminoles, was in the building when the hated in-state rival Florida Gators rolled into Tallahassee.

The young man can ball hard, unlike the actual Seminoles on the floor for coach Leonard Hamilton. FSU’s girls, who by the way are hotter, pulled out all the stops since their basketball team could not do it themselves, losing to the Gators by 37 points.

Wiggins has reportedly narrowed his choices down to Kentucky and FSU. However, if the ‘Noles female student – ahem – ‘body’ has their say, then Wiggins definitely will not be making this a basketball decision.

If he was, he’d be far more likely to head to Gainesville after Thursday night’s showcase game.

What do you think, Gamedayrs? Have FSU’s cheerleaders picked up the slack enough to bring Wiggins to Tally? As always, sound off in the comments section below!

Where does FSU rank on the party school scale, sober or stoopid?

Photo courtesy Yahoo!

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