Florida vs FSU Head-To-Head Rivalry Isn’t Really A Rivalry

I started out writing a long-winded article on why the Gators own the Florida vs FSU rivalry, but after finishing I decided to do less. Why? Because, really, these numbers speak for themselves.

Scott Carter of GatorZone.com recently compiled the records of all head-to-head matchups across sports in which Florida and FSU have competed. His findings show that not only does Florida hold a commanding advantage, but that it’s really not even close. Out of 12 sports, the only one in which FSU holds the series lead is baseball: 125-104-1. The other 11 sports all belong to the Orange and Blue. When combining all 12 records, the Gators simply wipe the floor with the Seminoles – to the tune of a 493-288-4 record.

So the next time Seminoles try to talk trash, just remind them that numbers never lie.

Football 34-22-2
Men’s basketball 43-22
Women’s basketball 41-29
Baseball 104-125-1
Softball 19-14
Men’s tennis 55-20
Women’s tennis 54-1
Soccer 12-10
Volleyball 36-19
Gymnastics 2-0*
Men’s swimming 53-23-1
Women’s swimming 40-3
Combined record 493-288-4 (.631)

*FSU had a gymnastics team in the early 1970s

Oh yeah, and one last stat line for you (we won’t even get into Olympics or individual national titles):

  • UF: 32 National Team Championships
  • FSU: 13 National Team Championships

Game. Gators.

*UPDATE* The Gators claimed another national title on Tuesday night with their first softball championship.

  • UF: 33 National Team Championships
  • FSU: 13 National Team Championships


Well this one of our most polarizing posts of all time. In fact it received such a wide-ranging reception that it led our college football/basketball columnist Jason Parker to us – he’s an FSU alumnus who wanted to stop the “Florida Gators Crocs homerism” on this site. Kind of ironic to think that our Gators alumnus CEO wrote a one-sided post and it led to the hiring of a Seminole. Gotta love sports and the Internet.

When we posted this piece on Facebook, we posed the following question:

Which team has the more impressive history? Let the debate begin …

There was quite a disparity in the answers. Here are some of the best:

  • Chuck Pellicer: “Florida will lead most of those stats. Hell they were playing football for 50 years longer. Last 40 years have been almost a dead heat. NOLES steady gaining ground. 4-8 of course”
  • Michael Cain: “Fsu ..any team with soon to b 5 different head coaches in the last 15 yrs has a history but no future. Go Dawgs”
  • Marshall Ramsey: “Berra 52-20 all I need to know!”
  • Amg Kodak: “FSU all day….if u don’t Nole, now u Nole!”
  • Tiffany Renee Herrell: “Florida of course”
  • Dusty Shrader: “Florida gators by far fools”
  • Guest: “Butt hurt boles fans always make excuses accept the fact that your school is garbage at sports and Florida own you f***s”

Florida State fans offered up the best responses (by far) of all the goodies, these two pretty much stole the show – one for hating on stats, the other for a gratuitous use of “nut sacks.”

  • David Benn: “Stats are for losers. Who has time to research this garbage? I guess it has been a long offseason for gators though”
  • AshleyandAaron Wellesley: “the gators suck nut sacks!!! they have a good chanve at finishin 5th or 6th this year in sec and afe promised a massive ass kicking by the seminoles again!! the they get watch fsu win it all AGAIN”

A post that brought us a new voice to the site, and then delivered such great comments: no matter which side of the argument you stand on, this one was a winner.

Thoughts on this post and its responses? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Brock

    They are sure are ugly though, oh and I believe he left out Women’s Soccer and Volleyball, Men’s track and Women’s track. Guess who leads those categories.

    • Brick

      Soccer and Volleyball are listed in the chart, with UF leading the series. Both are women sports since UF doesn’t have men’s teams.

      Head-to-head records don’t exist for track, golf, cross country, etc. since those meets traditional involve multiple schools.

      • Seriously?

        Cross country and track are not listed but FSU is habitually highly ranked in both of those sports for both genders. Swimming has the same type of individual/team/multiple team events and meet statistics. This is purposefully leaving out FSU’s best sports. Oh, also, FSU sand volleyball dominates as well and is not up there.

  • lilroach420

    lol numbers never lie

  • dave

    womens swimming and tennis, who gives a shit and who watches this???? football, georgia southern 26, Florida 20, that’s all that needs to be said.

    • SanCee

      Since when does a rivalry pick and choose what the criteria takes into account? If that was the case, everyone would point out how much of sub-par students FSU attendees are.

  • ttb


  • 119

    Yeah, and the U.S. and taliban aren’t really rivals cause we’ve kicked their ass so much. Whoever wrote this clearly doesn’t understand sports

  • Name

    2 things that really matter when bragging about your college. Football and setting yourself up for success. We went 3-2 against uf, we won a national championship and I am now in medical school and an officer in the U.S. Navy. Can’t really beat that. Go Noles.

  • Jared

    Womens swimming is cool and all but here are the numbers when you look at The Big Three (Neither schools play Hockey so the big three remaining are Football, Men’s Basketball, and Baseball). When you add those three sports up UF leads the record 181-169. However, considering Florida State’s Football Program was not nearly as established when the two universities began playing each other, what might the numbers look like in a more modern era? If you go back 35 years to when the rivalry really began, the football record is 19-18 in favor FSU. Lets factor these numbers into the Big Three Equation: The record comes out as 166-165 in favor of Florida State. So next time a gator thinks they’re smart because they think they can make statistics work in their favor, tell them numbers lie all the time.

    P.S. Florida State is the reigning National Champion

    • Sara

      Your discounting of other sports is disgusting, clearly you are not an athlete and, do not have respect for Division One athletes no matter what their gender sport or school maybe. If you were a D1 athlete in any of these sports you would realize how ridiculously difficult it is… I am a Nole and, don’t like to think UF has a better athletic program than ours but historical stats say otherwise. WE are national champs in the most view sport but, that doesn’t mean other sports are pointless.

      • NJ

        Lol, aww Sara’s mad because she plays a worthless sport. Seriously if you’re playing a sport in college and it’s not Football, Basketball, or Baseball you’re just a joke. So yes him not counting all those sports and only counting the 3 real ones, you the ones that actually count and people actually tune in to watch was fair. Get over yourself, not our fault you chose to waste your time with some sport that no one really cares about.

        • SanCee

          lol and you play what sport? You probably sit at home jacking off to ESPN highlights. Seriously. On top of that, you probably attend the daycare next to FSU……what’s it called…. oh right TCC….wanna be university admits

    • Crabman

      All the OP did was post the numbers straight up. You’re the one skewing the numbers in favor of FSU

  • GoNoles

    FSU didn’t even begin its athletic programs until 1947, putting them around 50 years behind most every other major University. Obviously FSU took their lumps in those early years and produced rather skewed numbers. But you like to leave pesky facts like this out. When you consider the number of championships the Noles have won with such a late start, it’s pretty remarkable. 2013 Undefeated National Champion Florida State Seminoles

  • Armin

    This is like saying the Cowboys are better than the Texans because they have 5 rings Texans have none. Biased as fuck

  • Brian

    The butthurt is strong in the comments section, haha

  • lol four and eight

    Four and eight. You said it yourself, numbers never lie

  • Glen D

    You sure you’re a writer?

  • Kyle

    Georgia Southern. Need I say more?

  • David Dorsey

    you forgot to mention was in the last 37 years since 1977- Bobby
    Bowden’s second year at FSU we are 20-18-1 against the Gators and in our
    Bowl games we are 26-14-2 for a .620 winning % while the gators are a
    paltry 20-20 a 500 winning % You also you forgot to mention the gators
    started playing football in 1906 while the Nole’s started in 1947- So
    with 41 more years of football under your belt no wonder those early
    years were tough on a start-up team like FSU ~

    P.S. We are gunning for
    ANOTHER national title this year while the gators are again wondering if
    they will even have a winning season and if they are going to fire
    Muschump or not ~LOL~ NOLE’S rule baby~

    • Billie Standley

      This year is the year of the gators. Dream on nole fans

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  • guest

    Butt hurt boles fans always make excuses accept the fact that your school is garbage at sports and Florida own you fucks

  • Billie Standley

    Any fool know that the gators lead in Stats.

  • Mike

    Using the above logic, I suppose the Georgia / Florida head-to-head rivalry isn’t really a rivalry either. Good to know.

  • Guest

    Another thing to think about over the past 30 years in football Florida State has the best football record out of all colleges i don’t even know where the gators are ranked if the are Florida State won the first and last BCS championship start and end it the same way and at least the were not only ranked unlike Florida but they made it to the playoffs. So gators where have you been in football for the past few years because i haven’t heard anything bout you.

    • Rick

      fsu fans manipulate everything to work in their favor, weather football player arrested or sports stats. Bottom line if UF owns fsu in every sport that they play head to head in except baseball. If the NCAA recognizes the sport, it counts! Some of these oxygen thief fsu fans say football is all that matters, well both schools have 3 and the Mighty Gators beat Saint bobby’s 96 team 52-20 for the NT. fsu may have won more lately but you haven’t beaten UF in the title game for the title!! 2 more wins UF has head to head… all UF students would have been excepted to fsu, UF athletics is worth north of 815 million while little sister only 326 million.


    Since football is king in this State, stick to football and forget the rest. FSU has beaten FU 5 of the last 6 times in football. 27-2 was a beat down! Seems like the Noles own the Gaturds. Also, no one ever seems to mention how chicken shit the Gaturds were in the beginning. The first 6 games were all in Hogtown. Never once did they come to Tallahassee. The first time they did. THEY LOST! So when you talk stats make sure you put the proper caveat on the first 6 games. How about this, FSU gets to play the next 6 in a row in Tallahasssee to make it fair and balanced (unlike Fox News). To add another fact, Lane Fenner was in bounds in 1966 like all the newspapers showed. So technically we have another win and you lose a win.