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Floyd Mayweather trolls Manny Pacquiao with Christmas card on Twitter

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Floyd Mayweather is apparently in the giving mood for the holidays. He was nice enough to take the time to send his longtime rival/non-rival Manny Pacquiao a Christmas card.

Wait a minute, upon further review it seems like Mayweather is spreading the trolling spirit.

The champ tweeted out this meme on Monday with the line, “This is my Christmas card to the world… Happy Sleepy Holidays zzzzzzzzzzzz.”

Mayweather recently stated that a fight with Pacquiao will “never happen.” He never said that he’d stop knocking him out on Twitter, however.

You, Manny, have been served.

floyd mayweather manny pacquiao christmas card

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What do you think?
  • DWat

    Floyd, talks allot of trash for someone who tried every trick in the book to dodge Manny when he was the mandatory challenger. Shut up and go fight another nobody that King makes up. Thank god for mma I don’t have to watch this garbage sport that guys like Floyd have ruined.

    • George Warr

      You know nothing about boxing. Floyd would mop the floor with Manny

      • disqus_N3292TPQCr

        Floyd is so over-rated, if he would have fought in the 80′s, he would be a middle of the pack boxer. BTW i know something about boxing.

      • Dan

        Gayweather found more ways to avoid fighting Pac Man or anyone else who would have beaten that paper warrior that it is sickening. tske Gayweather and shove him where the sun don’t shine

      • semus

        If Floyd thought he could mop the floor with him they would have fought. He obviously does not believe that.

      • hot_rod

        Floyd gaywether is simply too scared to fight many. Why would any boxer give away a belt for not fighting their mandatory challenger and make millions of Dollars ?
        Because gaywether is a pussss

  • Kandylicious

    Calm down Dwat it`s only a sport, Get over yourself why don`t ya.

  • CS360

    Mayweather thinks he has all the answers. He thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He is talking about having Broner as his under-card for the May 3rd fight. What he should do is have Porter Fight Maidana to unify the belts, then give the winner a shot at fighting him.

    Check it out, here he talks about never giving Manny a shot because he hates Golden Boy…..

    • disqus_N3292TPQCr

      He didn’t say anything about Golden Boy in that article. The reason he won’t fight Manny is because he might lose.

      • dan

        might lose?? Pac Man would teach that Hershey squirt a well deserved lesson and kick his black ass

        • Matthew Jackson

          Kick my black ass dan. I beat your racist ass everyday, all day. Fuck you bitch. Better yet met me at a gym and we will do this.

          • Michael Jackson

            are u a race hater? the world is fucked up because people like you

          • Matthew Jackson

            No but dan is. I know how to fix that problem. What’s your problem. Didn’t say shit to him did you. You can meet me too.

          • Matthew Jackson

            That’s what I thought…another office pussy. Fuck this site. Peace to the righteous!


    Floyd is a scared pussy. Extremely arrogant and uneducated dummy who wont fight anyone that is a real challenge, hes definitely made the boxing world boring. Thank God for the UFC.

    • Jim Rex

      Yes thank god for UFC, another sport as rigged as boxing.

    • Matthew Jackson

      Oh Shit!, education is not at factor. Manny wouldn’t take the test. How educated are you? Floyd has never lost. You know your boy can’t win. Manny is the pussy. Who fights the same fighter four times. That’s why he got knocked out cold. Let’s see the fight so this bullshit can stop.

  • the1

    Mma is a joke someone off the street can join Mma and have a high possibility of getting some type of tittle.

    • Randy Wall

      You’re an idiot. Go give it a shot if anyone can do it.

      • disqus_N3292TPQCr

        MMA is popular now, because boxing is so screwed up.

    • Tim Sebold

      Riiiiight. We saw what happened when a multiple-title holding boxing champion stepped in the ring with an MMA legend when Phony James Toney got choked out by Randy Couture in the first round. You can take the best boxer in the world and put him in the ring with a mediocre MMA fighter and the MMA fighter is going to win more often than not. You put a champion boxer and a champion MMA fighter in the same ring? It’s game over for the boxer 100% of the time. Who in the world wants to watch a one-dimensional contest? It would be like watching football with no passing allowed, or basketball with no dunks. Stupid. Boxing is last century’s sport.

  • Peter Schuckert

    Pretty damn cheap shot for someone who has been ducking Manny Pacquiao for years.

  • Matthew Jackson

    Manny refused to take a drug test. I’m a Manny fan, but he wouldn’t take the test. There is no excuse, Manny can’t beat May. You guys know it and that’s why you don’t like May. Suck it up! Men don’t make excuses. Arum doesn’t want to lose his cash cow. Real fight fans like me call it like it is. And MMA fans…you guys are wrong cause you don’t hit a man when he’s down. Fight me… so I can beat your brains when I knock you out. Wake up…most MMA fans have never had a fight. They’re just office pussies playing fantasy fights.

  • frediecybanez

    no doubt about it… mayweather is the best pound for pound, undefeated and undisputed “ALL TALK” boxing champion of all time…

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