Former Gator Chandler Parsons takes a shot at FGCU, calls the Eagles ‘JV’

Chandler just wants FGCU to know who runs the state of Florida. (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)

Chandler just wants FGCU to know who runs the state of Florida. (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports)

The upstart Florida Gulf Coast Eagles have shocked the world on their way to earning a trip to the Sweet 16 and becoming the first ever 15-seed to accomplish such a feat.

The mighty Florida Gators are returning to the Sweet 16 for the third year in a row, this time with hopes of bringing back another championship trophy to the hallowed halls of the University of Florida.

The two teams share a state and on Friday they will share a court, bringing the entire nation a dream matchup.

It’s David vs Goliath, from the same state. David, however, has already slayed Goliath once in beating the Miami Hurricanes during the regular season, then again in knocking Georgetown out of the NCAA Tournament.

On top of that, FGCU is not backing down from Florida. Fans are calling out the Gators and the players are confident in their abilities to play on the biggest of stages.

The hype is building and famous Florida grads are starting to join in. First it was Erin Andrews and now former Florida baller Chandler Parsons, who is repping for the Orange ‘n Blue in the NBA as a Houston Rocket, has dropped some trash talk.

Yes, it’s reading between the lines, but the game is on Friday and the two individuals he tweeted at are players on the team. Dillon Graham is a freshman guard and Jacob Kurtz is a sophomore guard. Neither of them receive much playing time, so a ‘big second half’ likely means a very large lead for the Gators. Knowing those facts it’s probably safe to assume in this case that Chandler is talking about the upstart Eagles.

Just a mere few days separate the showdown of all showdowns. Fans are pumped, players are pumped, and the nation is waiting to see if David can do the unthinkable, again.

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