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FSU player receives 2012 SEC Championship ring, say what?

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florida state 2012 sec championship ringSomebody may need to check some heads in Tallahassee, because we are pretty sure Florida State did not win the 2012 SEC Championship. Nope, that honor went to Alabama, who probably doesn’t appreciate the Noles trying to lay claim to the title.

The ring you see here is property of Menelik Watson, a former offensive tackle for the Seminoles who is now suiting up for the Oakland Raiders. The bling commemorates the Seminoles 21-15 win over Georgia Tech in the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship game this past season, however, instead of ACC it says “SEC.”

There’s a handful of possible explanations:

  • The ring company really botched this one
  • Florida State’s SEC-envy still runs very deep
  • The staffer who ordered these rings failed miserably and is probably out of a job
  • Someone (either inside the program or at the ring company) trolled the Seminoles hard

No matter what, having “SEC” on the ring — even though it means nothing — is still probably more meaningful than ACC letters.

[H/T Deadspin]

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