Gamedayr’s Official 2013 NBA Draft Drinking Game

Nerlens Noel

Kentucky center Nerlens Noel is expected to be called early in this year’s draft. Photo by Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the Gamedayr Official NBA Draft Drinking Game (2013 edition). Get a solid foundation, grab some Gatorade for electrolytes, a case of your favorite beer and settle in for two rounds of fun. As always, please drink responsibly.

We’re breaking down this edition between players and commentators. Everything is one drink, unless noted differently.


-A player cries
-If any player shown is wearing a bowtie
-Whenever a player kisses mom or girlfriend
-Player says he’s blessed
-A point to the heavens (+2)
-Asks to see Shane Battier’s Championship Ring (+20)

Jay Bilas:

Wingspan (This is a Jay Bilas special)
You Can’t teach … (ex. “You can’t teach height”)
Describes and player as “relentless” (relentless scorer, relentless on defense, etc.)
Any player with “high energy” or “high motor” (aka coded white guy terms)
Plays Like … (ex. 7-footer plays like a guard)
“Facilitator” (+3)

Bill Simmons:

Boston mention/reference (includes all sports teams, political figures and landmarks)
References a movie/TV show
Talks about NBA history
Mentions a buddy or pal (+2)
Mentions Dad/Wife/Kids (+3)

Jalen Rose:

Sings (take a sip each time he sings)
Has love for a player/person
Mentions his academy (he loves to plug the Jalen Rose Academy)
Michigan reference (includes all sports teams, political figures, landmarks, and cities)
Brings out the baseball bat (+5)
Takes a shot at Duke (+10)

Name Drops: Titles Edition:

Jerry West (+1)
Lebron James (+2)
Larry Bird (+3)
Tim Duncan (+4)
Magic Johnson (+5)
Michael Jordan (+6)
Robert Horry (+7)
John Havlicek (+8)
Red Auerbach (+9)
Sam Jones (+10)
Bill Russel (+11)

Pour out some liquor:

Any mention of Greg Oden, Sam Bowie, Kwame Brown, or Big East

Waterfall- drink for the duration of:

Crowd boos—either David Stern or draft pick
A U-S-A chant

Take a Shot:

For every player drafted out of the state of Kentucky (either UK or Louisville)


For any player 7-ft or taller drafted, drink the number their pick (ex. Noel goes 1st, take one drink; Mason Plumlee goes 20th, drink 20). Watch out, there’s a ton of bigs this year

Ironclad Challenge:
For those who like a challenge, drink every time there is a dunk highlight

Physical Challenge:

Spell Coach K’s full name after a Duke player is chosen. Person who comes closest gives the loser a (Mitch) cup-check

There you go, folks. The crop this year is light on superstars, but heavy on utility players. It should be a fun night. Remember to drink responsibly. It’s only Thursday, after all. Cheers.