Gary Andersen welcomed to Wisconsin with epic corn maze

Photo: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Don Schuster, the owner and operator of Schuster Family Farms, has been connecting a GPS system to the front of his lawnmower and cutting out intricate mazes in his cornfield for the last 14 years, according to Generally speaking, Mr. Schuster says the mazes are designed with some sort of charity portrait in mind.

However, seeing as he and his wife, Theresa, both graduated from Wisconsin and hold season tickets to basketball games (they can’t go to football games because of all the harvesting and farming work that needs to be done before it gets too cold, just so all you warm-weather folks out there know), every now and then a Badgers-themed maze will get the nod.

Such was the case this year, as newly hired football coach Gary Andersen’s face was the inspiration for a hearty welcome that is just so perfectly Wisconsin.

If you’re in Deerfield, a nearby suburb of Madison, after Sept. 21(opening date), enjoy.

We can only wonder if Andersen himself will make a trip through the field? It’s not every day that you get to run through your own face.

On a personal note, this humble author totally approves of anything and everything “cornfield.”

Photo: Don Schuster/Schuster Family Farm

Photo: Don Schuster/Schuster’s Playtime Farm

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