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George H.W. Bush crushes on Texans cheerleaders with roses and swaggerish American socks

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george bush texans cheerleaders

Photo courtesy of AP via USA Today Sports.

He might be 88 years old, but George H.W. Bush still has some serious swagger.

The girls around him? Those are the Houston Texans cheerleaders. Not a bad looking bunch.

What the cheerleaders are holding? Roses from the 41st President of the United States of America.

The cheerleaders made a visit to him in the hospital recently while he was sick in bed, so being the gentleman that he is, he repaid them with a visit.

Swagger indeed. Enjoy the photo gallery below and his kick ass pair of American flag socks.

Oh yeah, and we have a video, because that’s how we roll.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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