George Karl goes bonkers, pushes Wilson Chandler to get to refs [Video]

george karl goes crazy denver nuggets 2013

During the third quarter of the Nuggets’ home showdown against Minnesota, Denver guard Ty Lawson collided with his Wolves’ counterpart, Ricky Rubio.

We’re going to say that it’s Rubio’s European basketball upbringing, but the young star definitely flopped to the court after the bump from Lawson. Denver coach George Karl definitely saw it that way, however, the refs did not.

Their mistake.

Karl absolutely loses it, pushing away his own player, Wilson Chandler, just to try to get a piece of the refs.

Generally, this is the part of this blog post where a fun little joke or quip would be made to sum it all up. Well, we’ve got nothing, so just enjoy the video — it’s rare to see that many curse words in such a short amount of time.

h/t: CBS Sports

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