Georgia Bulldogs Meme: Go to Atlanta they said, it will be fun they said

Even UGA had a rough time in Atlanta this year, watching the Bulldogs get topped by the Crimson Tide in 32-28 fashion.

Meme courtesy of Reddit/CFBMemes (via ScarySpencer)

Georgia’s Aaron Murray gets de-cleated by Alabama defender, here’s a run down of the play.

  • Bruce Jones

    But at least we were there and almost won.

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  • Darryl Rouse

    Hey Moron, you act as if Bama blew Ga out of the Georgia Dome. Saban was about to have a heart attack on the side line. let me guess, your team was at home watching the game on Tv like the rest of the SEC teams were. We were playing and we were in it til the very end, while your team was not even in the game and would have lose worse to Bama. but let me guess, you are going to try and tell me your team is bama, likely story

  • Jeff Hartle

    Last I saw, Bama went into Death Valley and stomped Lame Stankin University

  • Sic Em

    At least the Dawgs were there, and had every Tide fan in the country sweatin bullets till the clock ran out!