Georgia legislature honors Louisville’s 2013 Sugar Bowl win over Florida

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The Louisville Cardinals celebrate their victory over the Gators 33-23 in the Sugar Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. (John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports)

We took the liberty of dropping this article into the Hatorade Cooler, because there is definitely some hatin’ going on here. However, depending on your point of view, your vitriol may just spew towards entirely opposing figures.

On Thursday, the Georgia state senate honored coach Charlie Strong and the Louisville Cardinals on their big win over the Florida Gators in the 2013 Sugar Bowl, according to the Kentucky Courier-Journal. Senator John Albers sponsored a bill congratulating the program that, “through perseverance and iron determination,” dominated the Gators to the tune of a shocking, 33-23, bowl game victory.

“I got a lot of thumbs up,” Albers said in an interview. “Down here in Georgia, we go by the ABF mentality. Anybody but Florida.”

After beating the Gators, 17-9, over Halloween weekend to win the SEC East, Georgia just simply cannot get enough of beating Florida, apparently.

[Adding insult to injury, the Gators lost a four-star recruit on the same day]

However, not only is Albers racking up potential votes with this little escapade, but the man is also honoring his current school. No, Louisville is not the senator’s alma mater, but rather the university he is currently attending in order to finally wrap up his degree.

Albers studied at Louisville from 1990 to 1992. He reenrolled in online courses in 2010 and is currently pursuing a degree in the school’s Workforce Leadership Program in the College of Education.

Of course, several members of the Kentucky legislature have proposed various honors and awards for the Cardinals following the unexpected victory. In a football-starved state where basketball absolutely reigns supreme, no one expected a BCS win from either Loo-ville and definitely not the UK Wildcats in 2012.

However, and quite interestingly, while Georgia has taken pains to honor those who beat Florida, no one in the Georgia State Senate has honored the Bulldogs for taking down Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl — no lie.

So when Albers tells us “anybody but Florida”, he means it. And apparently, that even includes his home state team of Georgia.

What do you think, Gamedayrs? Does Georgia have a bad case of Florida envy?

  • Charlie Brown

    Academically University of Louisville is on a par with Atlanta Technical College so Sen. Albers must be a bright bulb. On second thought, Atlanta Tech may be rated higher than U of L.

  • Matt Bennett

    In Florida we’ve got a “Not Georgia” mentality. 33 years running – Who won the National Title? “Not Georgia”

  • Curt S

    Hmm, Georgia got a bad case of little brother Envy? Thats ok. Florida has won the NC a few times the last few years while UG still trying to play catch up. But to go as far as the legislature, I think there are more serious problems those georgia boys in politics should be concerned about rather than football.

  • Flexxdd

    And it only took UF 100 years to be relevant. Pre-1996 you Gaytors couldn’t buy your way out of obscurity. So put that in your ass pocket. Lmao.

    • Munson_Is_Alive

      And it only took UGA 33 years to not be. Don’t worry though Flexxdd, I heard Gurley was the next, next, next, Herschel Walker. I’m just happy your mascot made it through the year. If I have to hear one more sob story about that stupid, inbred dog dying I’m going to lose it. Oh well, I guess I’ll just put that in my “ass pocket”. Great phrase by the way! I remember when I was 12 and started cursing; it’s neat.

    • Matt Bennett

      99 years — we don ‘t count that one year

    • sfm1827

      funny how we one the four SEC championships leading up to 1996, but whatever makes you feel better about having helen hunt as a football coach…

  • Trey Blue

    Must have been butthurt about the bball game the night before and the trouncing on the 9th

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