Did Georgia Lose Recruit Raekwon McMillan Because Of Ugly Portrait?

The University of Georgia recently started sending high school players incredible portraits as a recruiting tactic. However, according to UGA freshman defensive end Lorenzo Carter, one of those drawings may have just been the undoing of a potential commitment from the top player in the state of Georgia, Raekwon McMillan. In a Q&A with Michael Carvell of AJC.com, Carter said that McMillan likely picked Ohio State over the Bulldogs because of the drawing.

What is the most creative thing a college did to get your attention? “I would have to say when UGA drew a picture of me. That was pretty cool. I liked that a lot. They did (the portraits) for me and Raekwon McMillan. We didn’t get Raekwon but still it was good.”

How would you rate the quality and accuracy of your UGA portrait? “I looked good in (the portrait), compared to how I look in real life. Raekwon’s picture didn’t look good. It was ugly. He didn’t like it. That’s probably why he didn’t come to UGA (and signed with Ohio State).”

Ugly or not, we are going to go with the fact that Urban Meyer is one of the best closers in the game, and that Carter was probably joking about the portrait.