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Georgia TE Ty Flournoy-Smith arrested for falsely reporting a crime

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Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt has got to be shaking his head over the decision making of his tight end, Ty Flournoy-Smith. (Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports)

Georgia Bulldogs tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith was arrested on Friday night for falsely reporting a crime. His charges? Reporting his textbooks as stolen, according to Fansided.

The issue of the quickly escalating prices of university textbooks is one that every college student has been forced to deal with. This includes those who love chess, or video games, or are on the football team.

Well, Flournoy-Smith decided to take matters into his own hands. The 6-foot-3, 237-pound frosh first reported his books stolen to police. However, after a quick (and extremely simple) investigation, it was discovered that Flournoy-Smith had actually sold his books back to the school bookstore first, then reported them stolen.

“He went through this whole story of his books being stolen,” University of Georgia police chief Jimmy Williamson said, per the Athens Banner-Herald. “We started looking into it and it was determined that the books were not stolen. He had taken his own books down to a local book buying company and sold them back to them.”

Again, with the prices of books these days, why not try to get double the cash back for them?

Because it wound up costing Flournoy-Smith a cool $1,000 in bond money, and that is more than any $60 chemistry book is ever worth.

Georgia has yet to release a statement.

So let’s just make one up for coach Mark Richt and the Dawgs, shall we?

“Ummm, yeah. Well, we had been hoping that Ty Flournoy-Smith had actually read any of the books before selling them back — then maybe he would have learned a little about Criminology.”

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