Georgia Tech to sport white throwback jerseys vs. Virginia Tech

Photo: Tremayne McNair/Instagram

Photo: Tremayne McNair/Instagram

Perhaps it was the big win over North Carolina to move to 3-0 (2-0 in the ACC Coastal). Maybe it was the 100th anniversary celebration of Grant Field.

Whatever it was, Yellow Jackets junior linebacker Tremayne McNair jumped the gun over the weekend, posting the white jersey above to his Instagram account. The jerseys are special-edition throwbacks Tech is set to wear against Virginia Tech in a nationally televised Thursday night game on ESPN.

However, we did not know that for sure until the school’s official website was forced to confirm that fact hours later.

Georgia Tech will wear these throwback jerseys during the Virginia Tech game to commemorate Grant Field’s 100th Anniversary. Fans can purchase replica throwback jerseys at the Georgia Tech Bookstore or Tailgaters Alley.

The game itself is being advertised as a student-sponsored white-out for fans in conjunction with the team’s slick threads for the Thursday night special.

A coordinated, rowdy fanbase excited about an anniversary and a showcase game should create a fantastic environment in Atlanta. This is the type of stuff college football is all about.

Now, Tech just has to beat Virginia Tech to move to a surprising 4-0 in front of the home crowd.