GIF: Cam Newton shows off five-step celebration from the sidelines

cam newton sideline dance gif

Carolina signal caller Cam Newton’s evening was long finished by the time that he and wide receiver Joe Adams started paying less attention to the Panthers’ preseason showdown against Chicago and more to the cameras surrounding them.

The end result? A five-step, obviously premeditated celebration that the fine folks over at Cat Scratch Reader have wisely dubbed Newton’s Icon and Entertainer Training.

There will definitely be folks out there (as well as some on his own team, as the GIF indicates) who will jump on this footage in order to prove that Newton lacks the intensity necessary to be a franchise quarterback at the NFL level.

Last time we checked, however, wasn’t football supposed to be a game? It’s not as if the man is negotiating peace treaties in the Middle East. If he can’t have a little fun during garbage time of a preseason game – when fans have long since lost interest anyways – when can he?

[Photo: Johnny Manziel and Cam Newton star in Trading Places, what?]