GIF: Cameron Wake sacks Andy Dalton for game-winning safety

The Miami Dolphins entered their Halloween matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals on a ghoulish four-game losing streak. The tough month ended on a ridiculously high note with one huge play, however. With the game tied at 20 in overtime, Cameron Wake brought down quarterback Andy Dalton in the end zone for a game-winning, walk-off safety.

As you can see, Dalton’s feet are actually outside of the end zone when Wake puts his helmet directly into the passer’s chest. However, notice how he’s holding the ball over the end-zone line.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a sack. On Thursday night, it also meant the game.

After it was all over, Wake was interviewed by everyone in Miami with access to a microphone or camera.

That includes zombies, apparently.

cameron wake zombie

[GIF: SB Nation, Photo: @ekaycbs]