GIF: Coaches on the hot seat are really just The Walking Dead

coaches hot seat the walking dead

We are just a few weeks into the 2013 college football season, but we already have quite a few coaches on the hot seat – or, in other words, The Walking Dead.

UCONN’s Paul Pasqualoni has already seen his squad beaten by an FCS team. Of course, we all know about Mack Brown at Texas. Mark Richt has led Georgia to consecutive SEC East titles, but Dawgs fans are crazy enough to cry on the radio, so who knows?

Bo Pelini is being kept at arm’s length, just like plenty of Nebraska fans would like to do.

Finally, and despite father Monte’s best efforts to save him, it looks like Lane Kiffin might not make it either.

Talk about a coaching bloodbath, and just a pure genius GIF.

[Thanks @LSUfreek for the GIF gold.]