Houston Astros balk is most ‘2013 Houston Astros balk’ ever [GIF]

houston astros balk

What’s wrong with this picture, boys and girls? If you said “the ball is still in Houston Astros pitcher Jordan Lyles hand after he makes like he’s going to pitch” then you’d be right on point.

Sporting what pretty much looks like a spring training jersey, Lyles balked so badly that it can only be characterized as the perfect microcosm of the disaster that has been the Astros’ first year in the American League: As of writing, Houston was 10-28, a game worse than even the dumpster-fire the folks down in South Beach know better as the Marlins. They have given up 81 more runs than they have scored, far and away the worst in the league — but this one was just too easy and far too embarrassing.

Texas shortstop Elvis Andrews gave a Jordan-esque shrug as he trotted home.

No, Andrews, we don’t have any idea what’s going on in Houston, either.

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GIF courtesy @Dshep25

[H/T: CBS Sports]

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    *Elvis Andrus.