Marlins pitcher Alex Sanabia spits all over the baseball vs. Phillies [GIF]

miami marlins spitball

Miami Marlins pitcher Alex Sanabia had just given up a home run to the Phillies’ Domonic Brown. While he was obviously frustrated — what pitcher wouldn’t be? — he reacted in a manner that is just not legal.

Sanabia hocked a big ole’ loogie all over the baseball.

We can argue the balls and strikes and all that, and the fact that Sanabia only struck out two more batters all game indicates that he was not cheating throughout the contest.

But the Marlins did win, 5-1, and you can expect some Phillies fans to be upset by what you are seeing below.

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[GIF via Crossing Broad]

  • Fallout3Addict

    That’s just gross.

  • John

    A big gob of spit on the ball before the delivery is against the rules, but he’s just rubbing some spit on the ball for a better grip.