Miguel Cabrera can literally a home run on any pitch and this proves it [GIF]

miguel cabrera six home runs gif tigers

Last year, Detroit Tigers superstar Miguel Cabrera earned the Major League’s first Triple Crown since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. Cabrera has remained on a tear to open the 2013 season. We’re not kidding: As of writing, he leads the Majors with a .391 batting average, stands one behind the leader with 14 home runs, and his 55 RBIs are 11 more than any other player.

Don’t believe us that Cabrera is just about as locked in as humanly possible?

This GIF shows six of the home runs he has swatted thus far. There is literally no place for a pitcher to throw that he can’t absolutely crush.

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[GIF via Bleacher Report Tumblr]