GIF: Mike Tomlin steps on field in Jacoby Jones’ path to touchdown

Jacoby Jones turned on his boosters on the kickoff following a score by Pittsburgh’s Emmanuel Sanders. Jones found a lane, with just one obstacle between him and a touchdown: Mike Tomlin.

For some reason Tomlin was standing on the field, looking away from the return – most likely at the closed-circuit feed of the play happening on the field.

Tomlin has a foot inbounds, which appears to cause Jones to slightly cut back into the middle of the field. It’s at that point that he is tracked down by a Steelers special teams player.

You’d have to think Tomlin knew exactly what he was doing, especially since he was watching the play unfold.

He could have easily been penalized for the play. The refs could have even awarded Baltimore a touchdown. Instead of a touchdown, the Ravens got a 73-yard return.

[GIF via Deadspin]