GIF: Penn State punter should win an Emmy after this flop

Penn State’s punter Alex Butterworth was hardly touched after a kick against Illinois. However, due to his impressive acting skills, Butterworth drew a roughing the kicker penalty.

Illini special teamer Justin Hardee came through the line in an attempt to block the kick. After arriving too late to block, Hardee ran through the play, barely grazing the punter. Ever the opportunist, Butterworth spun around and went down, simulating a big hit. His act worked, and Penn State retained the ball after drawing the penalty.

This is an old trick by punters. However, coming on the heels of Tavon Austin’s Hollywood flop, it looks like football is going the way of soccer and basketball, in regards to acting.

[GIF via Bleacher Report]

  • Rich

    Wow, That’s the best metaphor of life, I’ve ever read. Read the rule Jonathan, Touching on any part of the leg or foot by opposing player is a foul, when in the act of kicking…had You ever punted a football, exposed like that and got hit I’m sure You’d think differently about calling it acting. Your acting as an Sports Editor need some work… Why don’t You mention the holding of the linebacker on the second TD Illinois scored…2 guys holding twisting his helmet off and nothing called…Now that’s a metaphor.

  • Frederick Bolt

    The call was RUNNING INTO THE KICKER. not roughing the kicker. Get your facts straight, Penn State hater.