GIF: Philip Rivers flops against the Eagles, Fletcher Cox wants none of it

phillip rivers flop

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers’ flop is worse than a soccer player banished to some low-level league in Latvia. First, the passer gets into words with Philadelphia defensive lineman Fletcher Cox. The next thing both Cox and the ref know, Rivers is on his butt, having flopped his way straight to the ground. It gets even better, however – just scroll below the first GIF to see what happens next.

From here, Rivers has the gall to ask Cox to help him up. The big man isn’t having any part of it. Can’t he find someone from his own team to give him some love?

[Top GIF via Guyism, Bottom GIF via SB Nation]

  • Tom Rhodes

    that flop should have been called after the play was over linemen should have stepped in to whip some ass

  • John Bauer

    All in Phillips corner here its only a game A HOLE do you really want kids & for that adults that see this to think that sports are that important ???

  • John Bauer

    Don’t make excuses for ” The Big Dumb Cox “

  • John Bauer

    He should be in M Vicks dog house for that LOL ! ! !