GIF: Tim Lincecum’s reaction to hitting umpire in ‘jewels’ is priceless

tim lincecum nuts umpire reaction

On Saturday night, Tim Lincecum threw the first no-hitter of his career in a 9-0 win over San Diego. The 148-pitch gem also served as the first no-no in the Padres’ Petco Park.

Without a doubt, it was a spectacular game – and luckily for us, we will always have the GIF below as one of the evening’s lasting images.

Lincecum accidentally hit the home-plate umpire in the “family jewels” on an eighth-inning pitch, eliciting this reaction from the pitcher as he waited for catcher Buster Posey to toss him a new baseball.

Luckily, umpire Mark Wegner was able to remain in the game, but wow. While we don’t have footage of the pitch itself, any guy can relate to a face like this.

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[GIF via @gidget]

[H/T: For The Win]