GIF: Zach Mettenberger injured at end of Alabama game

LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger suffered an injury on the Tigers’ final drive of their 38-17 loss to rival Alabama. The highly anticipated SEC West showdown was tied at 17-apiece in the middle of the third quarter, but then the floodgates opened.

The Crimson Tide improved to 9-0 on the year, and moved one step closer to another BCS title game appearance after scoring 21 unanswered points to end the game.

Thankfully, Mettenberger was able to walk off the field on his own.

[GIF: SB Nation]

  • Saban = Prick

    Nick Saban lost my respect by sending the house with the game in hand.

    Mettenberger appeared to suffer a serious knee injury.

    Bama was up 38-14. It was the last series of the game.

    I’m not an LSU or a Bama fan…. But now, I’m ABSOLUTELY not a Nick Saban fan.

    If the injury is serious he just cost Mettenberger millions as he is a great pro prospect.


    • You = idiot

      Your an idiot. Its football. It’s not like he was taking a knee to run out the clock. If anyone is to blame it’s the qbs o line.

    • Alan

      LSU would have done the same. People may smirk when Auburn is brought up but they spit at the mention of LSU. Bama just ended the game. Mettenberger is the one who acted a fool. His behavior was shameful. If you can’t handle that, stop watching football and go watch a ballet.

      • David Jaxon

        Tell them Alan…He walked of like a sniffling cry baby. If you can’t take the pain don’t play the game..

        • Shane

          How did he walk off like a sniffling cry baby? He was hurt bad after having a lineman close to 250-300 pounds land on his knee and didn’t just lay there and let someone else help him off the field. He did not give up when there was no way to win he walked off the field like a man. Aj bawled like a baby last time he lost to LSU. And AJ, if I’m not mistaken had to be helped to the sideline during the BCS title game this past year and sit out a drive due to cramping. So tell me how did Mettenberger not handle the pain we he walked off on his own power? Cause I’m still confused. And I remember a little girl named AJ McCarren who cried like the girl he is after losing to LSU last time he lost to them. So Jaxon, you are an idiot.

          • David Jaxon

            When you get up and walk off throw your hands in the air…” that is it, to hell with this” i call it sniffling.’ Idiot???? lol, it is childish to call someone an idiot for their openion…

          • Shane

            *opinion would be the correct spelling, and I will take that idiot remark back I was a little frustrated at my team (LSU) for playing so poorly, and most people “sniffle” as you call it after they lose I play high school football and the rest of the kids cried after losing by 5 points to an undefeated team to give us our third loss and I really don’t see the point in crying after a game like that since football is just a game. But Zach Mettenberger did take the pain like a man that I stand by.

          • Ashton
    • Emily

      at no point was this game 38-14…we were tied 17-17 at one point. and mettenberger is not a great pro prospect. no one deserves to be hurt but your offensive line being asleep the whole game isn’t alabama’s fault.

      • R Kirkland

        It appeared to me that Mettenberger’s own offensive lineman may have fallen on his leg. It was bad to see him crawling like that. As a Bama fan I wanted to win and love a sack, but not to the point of seriously injuring someone. It did irk me that no one came out to check him and help him, but he may have been telling them to leave him alone. His walking off the field by himself after the play showed his toughness.

        • LSU Shrewzz

          LSU Shrewzz

          • LSU Shrewzz

            I’m a die hard Tiger fan, but why in the hell did “Les is not more” Miles leave Mettenberger in the game for the last drive, down by 21? As beat up as he was getting, how can Miles even think about sending him out on fourth down in that situation?

    • Jan Medeiros Perdue

      His coach is the reason he was on the field. Should have takenb him off after sack #3, at least #4!. Dirty…what LSU #18 did was targeting, he got away with it and next play got a facemask penalty. Shame on LSU coach!

    • kat

      what did Saban do???? Where were the coaches and trainers from LSU????

    • Mercury

      You want to blame someone, blame the LSU coach. The game was over and the coach was still trying to score. What should Alabama do? Lay down and let them score. It was fouth down you know. Punt the ball and let Alabama kneel down and rund the clock out. You have more games left. Mettenberger let his coach know he did not like the call be the way he flung his helmet in front of him.

  • Sherry

    First, let me say I am a die hard Bama fan. But, I really hated to see Mettenberger crawling around like that. I know he was in pain and it was hard to watch. However, he did get up like the leader he is and walk off the field on his own. I respect him for that. I do not think Bama was out to hurt him. It’s football….the adrenaline is pumping….and there are injuries….part of the game. I hope he is ok and doesn’t have to miss any playing time. Roll Tide!

  • Matt

    As a Alabama fan this was sad to see him crawl off the field like and whats up with none of his teammates not checjking on him and helping him up?

    • Lou

      Whats up with Les Miles just standing there watching him crawl? It was heart breaking!

      • Mercury

        He knew he called a bone head play. He should have punted the ball, that game was over.

  • kat

    What a pity that Les cared LESS about Mettenberger!!! Actually a Bama fan but felt it was a shameful that the coaching staff of LSU didn’t do anything to help!!! What a bunch of LOSERS!!!

  • kat

    Seems like LSU got away with a targeting foul…and yet it seems, according to CBS, that MaCarren wanted the player “guilty” to stay in the game!!! THAT’S CLASS!!!

  • kat

    Sherry, I agree with you!