Sharknado 2? Gilbert Arenas selling shark tank-filled mansion for $3.5 million

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Photo via

Remember that $111 million contract Washington signed former Wizards star Gilbert Arenas to a few years back? Well, immediately afterwards, Agent Zero began construction on this seven-bedroom, 10-bath beauty you see below. The guard has gotten himself into several legal spats since then and is now out of the league. We’re sure his money is in relatively good shape, but the Great Falls, Virginia mansion is now on the market for a cool $3.5 million.

Yes, there are plenty of goodies, but those who listed it do a fantastic job at advertising the real surprise this bad boy has in store for its future owner.

Besides its world-class grotto, high-end entertainment centers and a hyperbaric chamber, what sets the home apart are the shark tanks. Yes, multiple shark tanks. Inside the 9,042-square-foot estate, Gil decided to unleash his own lil’ “Sharknado”: There’s a shark tank in the entryway, a massive shark tank in his rec room — heck, even a shark tank in his swim-in grotto. When it comes to shark tanks, Gilbert Arenas does not mess around.

Could not have said it better ourselves.

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