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High school girls basketball team players flash ‘shocker’ in team photo, suspended [NSFW]


Apparently, flashing the “shocker” symbol in a team photo is frowned upon in Farmington, IL. Members of a high school girls basketball team recently flashed the sexual symbol during the team’s photo shoot. They are holding a ball in their left hand, and have propped the gesture on their right hip.

According to Deadspin, the girls have been suspended following the incident.

One player, Jessica, took to Twitter following the suspension. The tweets have since been deleted, but Deadspin’s Tom Ley was able to capture them.

high school girls team shocker

Following is the picture that the girls were suspended for.

girls basketball team shocker

Just last March, during the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, a group of Wichita State cheerleaders were seen flashing the symbol on national television. Wichita State is aptly nicknamed the “Shockers.”

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