Government shutdown forces military schools to suspend athletics

Photo: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

All sports at our service academies have been suspended as the United States government works to end its recent shutdown.

The Air Force and Navy are supposed to face off against one another in the Commander-In-Chief showdown on Saturday. However, because of the government shutdown over proposed changes to the health care system (and that is as far into that political hellfire this website is going to go), the two teams may be forced to watch the rest of the weekend’s games from home instead.

According to CBS Sports, the Department of Defense announced Tuesday that it has suspended all intercollegiate athletic competitions at the service academies. That means, again, that Air Force, Navy and Army can neither practice nor play.

What’s more, the shutdown also has an impact on the sports information department. All media availability scheduled for Tuesday has been canceled.

The shutdown could mean real money is lost. Boston College could lose a lucrative home game if the Black Knights cannot travel to play the Eagles on Saturday.

The DoD, in the same statement, indicated that a decision on the Air Force-Navy game may be made on Thursday. However, no such indications were made for Army-BC.

We knew our government’s partisan bickering was going to have far-reaching affects, but we did not realize it was going to bleed into the world of sports so quickly.