New York Jets name Greg McElroy starter for San Diego Chargers game

New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy (14) is congratulated by teammates Mark Sanchez (6) and Tim Tebow (right) after a touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals at Metlife Stadium. (John Munson/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports)

Embattled head coach Rex Ryan watched his New York Jets fumble away the team’s playoff chances in a disastrous Monday Night Football loss to the Tennessee Titans.


After throwing four interceptions, opening day starter Mark Sanchez and his offense miraculously found themselves on the field with just under a minute to play with a chance to win thanks to a 19-yard Titans punt.

However, as quickly as Ryan and Co. were provided hope, just as swiftly were any dreams of a comeback dashed when the shotgun snap hit Sanchez in his ankles and a Tennessee player fell on it.

Throughout the ballgame, announcer Jon Gruden seemed flabbergasted by how Ryan was managing his two quarterbacks, Sanchez and Tim Tebow, who had been traded for prior to the season to run the Wildcat formation.

On Tuesday, as Ryan picked up the pieces on his failed season, he made an announcement that only further befuddled the team, its fans, and basically the entire sports world.

Instead of naming Tebow the starter in the wake of Sanchez’s repeated ineptitude under center, Ryan has officially named third-stringer and Alabama alum Greg McElroy the team’s starter, according to NFL SpinZone.

Tebow took the NFL by storm a season ago, when he turned around a flailing Denver Broncos squad and led them to a playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, perhaps with the playoffs out of reach, Ryan does not see the point in going with Mr. Tebow (of course, now might be a great time to shout something like, “Why the *bleep* didn’t he pull Sanchez a month ago?!”).

Of course, it is not time for Crimson Tide fans to point and laugh at Gator Nation quite yet — McElroy has yet to play four full quarters of football in the NFL.

He will be provided that opportunity against another franchise that had entered the 2012 season with high expectations, only to fall flat, in the San Diego Chargers.

McElroy’s performance, one way or another, will be guaranteed to have huge ramification on the futures of not only Sanchez and Tebow, but Ryan and every member of the Jets front office.

What do you think about Ryan’s decision to keep Tebow on the bench? As always, sound off in the comments section below!

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  • Bygtoe

    Rex Ryan is the most inept Head coach of ALL TIME

  • joy

    He must be crazy… Tim can bring excitement and scores.. he has proven himself over and over again… Give him a chance.

  • Valerie

    Ryan is a butt head. Why would you want to ruin a mans career. They should have let him go to Jacksonville if they had NO INTENTIONS of playing Tim. He is better then that and deserves better.

  • Jeffro

    What a Friggin MORON, Tebow has been benched what , Because he’s a Godly man ? What is their reason to have Sanchez totally make fools out of them when Tebow could fire things up. Just doesn’t make any sense at all, but then again , I’m not a Moron and you can’t understand them if your not one !!! And NOW , to decide on making the 3rd string Quarterback the starter….Tebow get out of N.Y., before your Brains affected too …..:(