Gus Malzahn Takes Shot At Coaches Like Nick Saban During Bingo

We haven’t even touched the month of May, and already college football is firing up the trash talking. From Steve Spurrier dropping a classic Spurrier line on Tennessee, to Gus Malzahn taking a shot at his fellow coaches, such as Nick Saban and Bret Bielema, this offseason is going to be fun.

On April 23, Malzahn and Auburn held the “2014 Tiger Give Back Community Service.” The day was filled with Tigers helping out the local community, and one line from Malzahn that will stick out the most.

During a game of “hurry-up, no-huddle” Bingo, Malzahn made fun of the coaches that complained about his offense being too fast. The line comes at the 3:58 mark.

Meanwhile Nick Saban is watching the 2013 Iron Bowl for the 1,269th time – in its entirety.

[H/T CFB Section]