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Heisman winner Johnny Football shows off his country gumption at concert [Gallery]

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The trip from New York City to Houston is more than simply a change in time zones, but a change in culture as well. No longer was Johnny Manziel flooded under the bright lights of Broadway, but nestled into one of the hearts of country music in his home state of Texas.

Johnny Football, after finding himself at the podium at the Heisman Trophy ceremony recently, graced a very different stage as he joined Kevin Fowler, Dierks Bentley and Roger Creager to sing Beer, Bait and Ammo at the KILT Ten Man Jam.

No word yet on how he performed vocally, but if he belts it out like he runs circles around defenders, then maybe Fowler, Bently and all the rest had better watch out in case Manziel decides on making a career change.

Photos courtesy Anna-Megan Raley/CBS Houston

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