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Hey Tide Nation: Are you fan enough to wear your quarterback’s body?

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Well, are ya?

Obviously, there are at least a few really, really die-hard members of Bama Nation that are up for it. At least it seems so with this shirt influenced entirely by the torso of Alabama starting quarterback — and Heisman Trophy hopeful — AJ McCarron.

The design across the chest is an actual tattoo McCarron thought would look great on him. Not only does it feature his nickname, which is a very apt “Bama Boy”, but it also includes the names of five other family members, a crying Jesus, a dove and — wait — is that a family crest?

Yes it is, Gamedayrs.

At least they stopped at his waistline, no?

H/T: Last Angry Fan

Latest from around Gamedayr: No matter the T-shirts, some SEC fans are loving what they are seeing out on the football field.

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