Which is the better block: Hibbert on Melo or LeBron on Splitter?

Photo via @Ballislife

Photo via @Ballislife

It’s a pretty simple question, but the answer may get a little complicated.

During Game 6 of Indiana’s second-round playoff series against New York, Roy Hibbert jumped straight up and came down a legend. What happened in between?

Just an epic block on Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony as he tried to slam home a dunk, no big deal.

Obviously, it makes for an insanely epic poster, and the video is equally as baller.

After losing Game 1 in front of the home faithful, San Antonio was actually winning Game 2 with a mere three minutes remaining in the third quarter.

However, the Heat slowly began pulling away, and then King James proved why he is who he is by providing the exclamation point on what became a 103-84 blowout.

Splitter was on the losing end of that exclamation — but was it a bigger and badder block than Hibbert’s?

Check out the insanity and cast your vote below.

Photo via @NBA

Photo via @NBA

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