High School Football Players Posing With Guns On Campus Sparks Outrage

What was intended to be a seemingly harmless photo opportunity has sparked backlash in the community of Plainfield, Indiana – a township outside of Indianapolis.

A collection of Plainfield High School football players assembled on Saturday for an outreach event held by Indiana State Police on school campus. At the gathering’s conclusion, 15 seniors for the football team assembled to take a picture on the back of an armored vehicle. One player held a sign reading “CHAOS 2014,” while some of his teammates clutched non-lethal weapons such as tear gas and beanbag launchers.

Plainfield High School football players guns weapons

After the photograph was posted online, parents commented on safety concerns over students holding weapons on school grounds. The Hendricks County school board issued the following statement.

We take very seriously the district’s policy regarding any weapon on school property. Our office was not made aware of this photo op ahead of time, nor had we approved it,” Plainfield Community Schools Superintendent Scott Olinger said in a statement. “We highly respect the State Police and the work they do. However, since this was an event that involved crowd control devices, it needed to be vetted by our staff through our offices. As a result, the district is clarifying its policy to all staff regarding prior approval for any activity on school property.”

The State Police have also responded to parents’ concerns, assuring the community that student safety was never in jeopardy. However, much like the school board, Captain Dave Bursten stated that the department will review its protocol for outreach events to prevent any similar future situations.

“The district has shared its concerns with us,” Bursten said in a statement. “The Indiana State Police is reviewing its protocol on future community outreach events to ensure all parties understand the scope of our participation and what police equipment may be displayed or handled by the public in the presence of our personnel.”

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  • Mr. Peabody61

    Talk about gag at a gnat and swallow a camel. Come on. What is up with the Paranoia? When I was in High School, we had rifles and shotguns hanging in racks in our trucks or behind the seat in a car at school. We carried pocket knives. No one was ever threatened by any of these. We had arguments and fist fights, but we didn’t want to kill anyone. We were civilized, unlike today. We did not march and burn. we did not loot or rob. We just worked out our difference. Most of these guys have already been familiar with weapons. Some of them probably hunt. They are Normal American Men. Just because they have a gun doesn’t make them a murder. Besides it has been done before. It is the cooks and government we have to fear. Not home raised common sence kids.

  • Labrat0116

    Mr.Peabody61 is correct for the most part, BUT in the manner in which these kids display these weapons (intimidating) only proves they have small penises. Real men don’t feel the need to display power in this manner. Only Ammo-sexuals feel the need to do so.

    • William Sommerfeld

      This is the same as someone taking a picture of a little kid in the drivers seat, holding the steering wheel. Then people freaking out saying that you should never let little kids drive. God forbid if the kid has a mad look on his face and making the voom voom sound. Don’t drive angry.

  • Chromehorn13

    there is absolutely nothing wrong in the picture. People go out of their way to find ways to be offended. It is a great picture. Gun safety courses should be taught to every student in every grade in every school every year. They should be a prerequisite to graduating someday.

  • JR(Ramona)

    It’s TEENAGERS! Friggin Liberas!

  • Fenc

    I bet you if all of those kids were black or brown there would be nothing but hateful comments and outrage! God bless America! And for all of you who see nothing wrong with kids holding assault rifles you should be ashamed of yourself just look at the last 25 years of school shootings in America, this ain’t the 50’s!

  • William Sommerfeld

    Settle down people they are tear gas launchers, not real guns. If you were not totally uneducated about guns you would know that. Stop being stupid