High School track coach recruits runners by trolling Justin Bieber

High school track coach Andrew Kruzich has his finger firmly placed on the pulse of popular culture. In an effort to enlist members to his team, the coach created clever posters around school and on social media.

The best poster, however, is the coach’s troll of a Canadian thorn in America’s side, Justin Bieber.

Kruzich’s poster has garnered some pub around the bologsphere, to which he acknowledged on the team’s website through various posts. A final update explains the coach’s impetus behind the Bieber dig.

  Let me be clear about a couple of things. Number one, all I was trying to do was announce a meeting. That can be done with a normal flyer or with something a little more creative that would give kids a chuckle on their way to class. That’s all this ever was meant to do, as I didn’t really expect that kids would come out just because a flyer was funny. I’m also happy that out of all the comments, emails, tweets and school chatter, not one person has thought of this as anything malicious or mean-spirited. That’s good. I don’t wish substance abuse or the trappings of fame on anybody, but the choices JB makes in how he treats people left him open to a joke in my judgment. I’m glad that everybody got the joke.

Secondly, at the end of the day we are about a team, not about a poster. And now that those posters are coming down and our sign-up sheets are filling up, we can move on to the real work of the season: working hard, supporting each other, competing our tails off, and yes- having some fun. It’s what the Biebs would want.

Go Jaguars!

With one final poster before signups closed, Kruzich hammered home the point that its all about teamwork.

Job well done, coach. Time to get to work.