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Hope Solo takes shot at Julie Foudy for being left off her all-time list

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Cred: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Hope Solo doesn’t appreciate being left off lists, Julie Foudy. In case you didn’t know, thankfully Twitter has expedited communication these days.

After Foudy chose Briana Scurry as the goalkeeper for her fictional all-time U.S. women’s soccer team, Solo tweeted her disagreement.

Foudy responded with a succinct answer to Solo, tweeting, “Actually, not confused at all.”

Solo’s Twitter reaction receives enhanced recognition due to her 2007 benching in favor of Scurry, and the media storm that followed. However, she is a championship athlete, and it’s her competitiveness that makes her great.

Michael Jordan used any perceived slight against him as motivation; the same goes for Kobe Bryant. Look at Peyton Manning’s recent response to criticism over his play in cold weather. Some athletes are simply wired for competition both in and out of play.

ESPN will unveil its selections for the U.S. Soccer’s All-Time Best XI team towards the end of December.

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What do you think?
  • bottlesflying

    Perhaps if Hope Solo were to lose a few pounds in her inner thighs and buttocks so she could pull her panties up, she would have gotten chosen as the best goalkeeper.

  • j7apple

    Who is Julie Foudy?

    • Cindy

      Clearly you don’t watch women’s soccer.

  • Cindy

    I hate Choke Solo! I agree she may have been a better choice for that particular game over Briana Scury, who was at the end of her career, but at her best Briana was a way better goalie. And the team during that time didn’t choke like the current team. Not to mention she didn’t b*tch over every little thing like this turd does.

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