Is everything bigger in Texas? At least the insanely large HDTVs in Houston will be

Most sports fans are aware of the intense love owner Jerry Jones has for his Dallas Cowboys. Those same fans are also aware of the fact that Jones is one of the wealthiest SOBs this side of the Mason-Dixon Line. Thus when his sparkling new, billion-dollar stadium was completed in Arlington, Texas, complete with the most mammoth TVs in the history of history, all of those fans simply chalked it up to the old adage ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’.

Well, while most folks simply shrugged off the work of a multi-billionare, the owners of the Houston Texans took their cross-state rival’s new sporting mecca to heart.

Because, remember, ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’.

“Our game experience is consistently rated as one of the finest in the world and these spectacular video boards will help us elevate to an even higher level of performance for our fans,” said Houston Texans President Jamey Rootes. “Starting next season, the energy, excitement and entertainment we deliver for each home game at Reliant Stadium will be matched with exclusive video content, real-time information and event enhancements to provide an even better experience for our large and loyal fan base.”

Construction on the video boards is projected to begin after the current season and be completed by Aug. 1, 2013.  Manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision Systems Division, they will have an image area of 52.49 by 277.17 feet, totaling 14,549 square feet of display surface and weighing in at more than 100 tons each.

Here are the finer details of the two newest, and biggest, television screens to potentially ever exist:

Image courtesy Reddit

Yes, those are the specifics, but what do they really mean? Well, it means the city of Houston’s taxpayers will be paying $16 million to build two screens bigger than those in Dallas. Why? So ownership can make money by hosting the Super Bowl, of course:

“An integral component is the Super Bowl bid,” Rootes said. “Their question is, ‘What is the experience going to be like? The game experience for the fans when they’re there for the Super Bowl?’ When you show that picture and it is the largest stadium installation, 25 percent larger than what they’ve seen before, you can’t help but think that will be exciting for the fans.”

How much bigger will one of the screens be than the jumbotrons at your home stadium?

Image courtesy Reddit

Is anyone else surprised to see little-guy Green Bay way up there? And now do people understand why folks up in Minnesota want a new stadium so badly?

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