Houston Texans are experiencing the curse of Vanilla Ice

On Sunday, the Houston Texans suffered their ninth consecutive loss to fall to 2-9 on the year. What’s more, they lost to the lowly Jacksonville Jaugars, 13-6.

The Jags now share the same record as a team that opened the year as Super Bowl contenders, but those dreams were all before Vanilla Ice rolled into H-Town.

Robert Van Winkle played for halftime of the Texans’ Week 2 win over Tennessee. That was the last time Houston enjoyed sweet victory. On the Thursday before losing to Jacksonville, Ben Tate was hoping that perhaps Vanilla Ice would help his team return to their winning ways.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. When it was all said and done, Tate called the loss to the lowly Jaguars “embarrassing.”

Maybe it’s time Ice takes a break from the Amish lifestyle and makes his way back down to Reliant Stadium for a game.

[Thanks to CBS Sports for the hat tip]