Hugh Freeze is confused about Ole Miss’ national championships

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Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze, who has been tearing up the recruiting trail and turning the Rebels into some sort of respectable football program, may need a lesson on the football history in Oxford.

Freeze tweeted the following photo on Monday with the line, “Oxford, Mississippi, Home Of 3 National Championships.”

Hotty Toddy does indeed have three titles under its belt, however, in order to find those one would have to look all the way back to more than a half century ago. The Rebels won the championship in 1959, 1960 and 1962.

The trophies back then, however, looked drastically different than the BCS trophies in the image below.

@SEC_Logo was quick to point out the mistake, in which Freeze removed this image.

hugh freeze ole miss national championships tweetShortly after, Freeze tweeted the following image with an actual author to the quote and removed the quote from beneath the trophies. However, the image still rocked the three BCS trophies.

hugh freeze ole miss championships

Now, of course, Freeze is spending his day fending off the haters on Twitter.

As far as effort goes, we will just go ahead and give an F.

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  • The Pharoh

    Even if you believe the “1962” story (most people do not), that seems to be over FIFTY years ago. Just sayin’