Check out the special options on the new Detroit Lions Madden controller [Photo]

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Image courtesy @NFL_Memes

Yes, Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron, is awesome.

The rest of his Detroit Lions team? Not so much.

Very rarely do four-win teams make as many headlines as this squad managed to do in 2012. Then again, most teams do not take as many cheap shots as the Lions do or call plays for simply one guy, over and over and over.

Thus, for a team with so many unique personalities, a unique game controller.

Enjoy, Lions fans, just like you have enjoyed the last 10 years of Detroit football since your best player retired because he was sick of playing for you!

Wait … there’s no button on here for early, inexplicable retirement. That’s weird.

Oh, well, down arrow! Look, Nick Fairley just got arrested again, darn.

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