Iowa State fan restrained trying to attack Bill Self after Cyclones loss to Kansas

Image via Nick Krug/KUSports.

Bill Self’s 500th career win came with a bit more controversy than the Kansas coach is probably used to. With Iowa State up and very little time remaining, the refs first decided to keep their whistles silent on a block-or-charge no call and then sent the Cyclones crowd into a fury when they later called a foul on their man while everyone was scrambling for a loose ball.

[LATEST: Iowa State fans attack Kansas’ Elijah Johnson on Twitter, including death threats]

The resulting foul shots tied the game and then sent it into overtime, where Kansas simply overpowered the underdogs out of Iowa State. Elijah Johnson absolutely took over, scoring the final two of his career-high 39 points on an uncontested dunk with less than three seconds remaining.

It was a classless act, to be sure, but it does not excuse the behavior of some (definitely a very small majority) Iowa State fans.

Especially not this one guy in particular, who had to be restrained in his pursuit of Self (and we mean the coach, not something undefined and existential).

Then again, passionate fans as we are here at Gamedayr, we can kind of see where the guy is coming from: The big, bad Big 12 bullies in Kansas were in town, and if the team was going to let them barely escape, this dude was not — until a security guard got a hand on him, that is.

h/t: Deadspin

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  • 5541james

    What a BABY, ya it was a tough loss but come on grow up. I am as passionate as the fan but its a GAME not real life. If people only showed the same passion about polotics maybe this whole country would be in better shape. The crying about the dunk is also hillarious, I could see if he started doing the Harlem shake after the dunk but he just was in a zone and finished the game out with an explanation point, good for EJ!!!

  • John Jackson

    That game could have gone either way given the balance of questionable referee calls and lights out excellent 3 pt shooting by ISU. But go after the coach? Really? R U Kidding me!?

  • ZeebaNeighba

    He’ll cry police brutality and come away with $100,000+…

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  • kpop

    you can’t accuse that guy of not caring, or for wearing a vintage yellow sweat shirt. what a nancy. ya think the Mrs. nagged him all the way home?

  • Mitch Eagan


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  • D. S. Thomas

    I’m an OkState fan, so I don’t have a dog in this race. That said, this was
    the most horrendously officiated game I’ve seen in a really long time (and there have been some dogs this year). Iowa State got screwed big time. Just wondering, was the officiating crew from Kansas? Self (OSU Allumni) knows he really lost this game, if not for the favorable (to KU) officiating. It will forever tarnish his 500th win.

    • TJ_Whatley

      You’re such a joke. The officiating was bad in both directions for the ENTIRE game. In fact, KU should have won by 8 in regulation but the officials kept ISU in the game.

    • Hdrdr60

      What an idiot. “Forever tarnished …” You’re a stooge. I’ve been to your ‘arena’ in Stillwater, the fans there are as hillbilly as it gets. You’re a fine representation of that.

      • Zachary Scott Clary

        I’m an Iowa fan not an ISU fan by any means but your comment is ludicrous. I don’t even like the Clowns but I resent your rather hateful, and completely off-base comment. I don’t know if you’re a KU fan but you’re a fine representation of someone who can’t debate an issue without resorting to petty insults. Demonstrates a lack of intelligence and civility.

    • Terry Mills

      How many times does a team launch 41 three’s and still get to the line 34 times. The officiating was bad both ways.

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  • Mary McMullen

    The officiating was awful on both sides for sure. It always is a bigger deal when it is at the end of the game! KU didn’t make the calls so don’t blame it on them. This guy was totally out of line and maybe should be allowed to go to the games any more since he can’t control his temper. Can’t totally dog this guy because some of the fans stooped as low when they threw plastic bottles and stuff onto the court when the game was over. And the announcers made an appoint to say how nice people are in Iowa! Maybe they should retract that statement.
    As long as there are ball games and humans officiating there are always going to be bad calls. Some you win and some you don’t. Unfortunately sometimes you get the short end of the stick.

  • theslowrider

    He should have gone after the referees, NOT the coach! If your description of the game is true, there needs to be an investigation into the officiating of this game. I was once in a game where the two refs later admitted to helping the other team win, and it was obvious then, as it is in this game.

  • Jane Smith

    It’s NEVER acceptable for a fan to go after a coach!! Ever! When it happens the authorities need to make an arrest and the individual needs to be dealt with severely. People are out of control and it needs to stop. No official or coach should ever have to worry about their safety just because someone watching the game is angry with a call. I’ve seen putrid officiating during the NBA finals, clearly calls made by refs. out to exact revenge against players they dislike. The fans can make their displeasure known by expressing themselves verbally. It’s not okay to act out physically.