Iowa State fans attack Kansas’ Elijah Johnson on Twitter, embarrass Cyclone Nation [NSFW]

Warning: Vulgar language used in the image below.

Gamedayr Nation, this is the definition of being a poor sport, and quite simply a terrible human being.

The Kansas Jayhawks and Iowa State Cyclones engaged in a conference bout on Monday night. There were some very questionable calls late in the game that forced overtime where the Jayhawks took control and knocked off the Cyclones.

One man took it upon himself to confront Kansas head coach Bill Self following the game, while a handful of other fans took to Twitter to threaten Kansas’ Elijah Johnson.

Johnson scored a whopping 39 points during the game, but it was his last dunk as time was running out that got Cyclone Nation’s blood boiling. He apologized for the action during the post-game press conference, but fans had already seen enough (courtesy of Busted Coverage).

According to Busted CoverageKoithan and Sitzmann’s accounts have since been deactivated.

MORE: Video of questionable calls during Kansas vs Iowa State game

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  • lonestarjayhawk

    Stay classy Iowa.

  • lonestarjayhawk

    Stay classy Iowa.

  • Mary McMullen

    OMG! Someone needs to go to jail for this! What horrible things to say to anyone.

  • Dale_Rogers

    For crying out loud, there were bad calls on both teams throughout the game. I always thought of Iowa State, its fans, and its coaches as being class acts. This has me wondering. Hopefully these comments from the few do not reflect on the rest of Iowa State’s fans.

  • Hawkshoopster

    I hope authorities arrest the idiots who threatened to shoot up the KU bus. Their accounts may have been deactivated but that is just uncalled for in every sense of the word. Talk about sore losers.

  • Iowa Big 12 fan

    I noticed no one is complaining about the charging call against Withey in the 1st half in which Niang was not set. Withey’s basket was disallowed. That call influenced the game also. I agree that there was questionable calls at the end of the game, but analyze the whole game not just 2 calls. Johnson admitted he shouldn’t have dunked it at the end of the game, and he apologized for it on national TV. What else does someone want from him. I live in Iowa and I am surprised that some people can get that worked up over a basketball game that they want to severely hurt someone. As far as the racial slurs go the person saying them is a complete idiot. He is showing that his IQ is low and he needs therapy.


    Didn’t know there was that much racism and STUPIDITY in iowa. I have been a KU fan all my life and have never seen this from form of hatred. I have always know the fans there,at least the adults to always be a class act at home or away.

    Don’t blame KU for being good or for the refs making a bad call. You had your chance in OT and blew it AGAIN. Stay classy !!!

  • seed

    Chances are that numnuts will need to transfer after these tweets.

  • Cyclone Crazy

    They got caught up in the moment like EJ did with his dunk and seemed to get away with the false apology—too bad that all this means is that Bill Self and his precious Jayhawks got a slap on the wrist–Ha! and ISU still lost even though the game was theirs until they got the help of two crooked Refs—this has happened more than once where Kansas is involved—Check further

    • Bball fan

      What do they get a slap on the wrist for? Dunking the ball at the end of a game? Grow up. It is a basketball game and your team lost. Threatening someones life is not “getting caught up in the moment”, dunking a basketball is.

    • Chiquita Girl

      wouldn’t be having conversation if cyclones would’ve closed out the game! they had plenty of time on the last play for the winning basket. then they choked in the OT….fitting.

    • Iwouldntliveinwichita4anything

      So the dunk is equivalent to calling Ej a “N” and tweeting about going on the bus with a gun. Yeah, that makes total sense.

  • James Barrett

    While I am a Kansas fan; I agree that Iowa gave us a great game, and that I even questioned the “no call, call, to send it to overtime, and the poor decision that Elijah made at the end of the game. I do comend him for immediately appologizing to the Iowa fans. I know that people are very pationate about thier team, but it shouldn’t make you want to do something that you will regret for the rest of your life. It is just a game for our enjoyment. I hope these people will realize this, and that it could have gone either way. That is the beauty of sports. You never know what is going to happen. I knew Iowa would give us a great game, and I look forward to playing again.

  • fredfagpurdue

    Fred Purdue has raped many children

  • Gordon Freeman

    I’ll never understand sports, or why people love them so much, much less why someone would make death threats on a mass social networking site to a basketball player.

  • iowagal

    I’m from Iowa and i do not condone what what said at all! There is stupidity and racisim Everywhere!! Everyone just needs to calm down, its a game. So before you go sterotyping a whole state (and being exactly like those that made the dumb comments) take a look at yourself too!

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