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Irina Rodnina claims she was hacked on racist Obama tweet, five months later

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Former Russian figure skater Irina Rodnina, who is now a political figure in the country, received some heat in September 2013 for a racist tweet she sent. The picture depicted Barack and Michelle Obama in the background, with a banana in the foreground.

The tweet caught attention again during the Sochi opening ceremony when Rodnina was one of the individuals chosen to light the Olympic flame.

Now, nearly five months later, Rodnina has decided to issue a suspect apology, claiming that her account was hacked.

As Barry Petchesky of Deadspin points out, it’s unlikely that she was hacked. The timing of the typical Twitter excuse, her tweets following the September incident, and her daughter’s statement to the media all suggest otherwise.

Maybe she meant Bob Costas’ room was hacked.

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  • Crazy_Jake

    Cant imagine what its like for the Dad of such a pretty girl.. must be awkward if ya start seeing nearly naked pictures of your own kid for all to see..

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