Ivory Coast Penalty Leads To Greece World Cup Goal, Victory

Greece was awarded a free kick in the 93rd minute of Tuesday’s World Cup match against the Ivory Coast. The call led to a go-ahead penalty kick, and a 2-1 win for Greece who has advanced from the group stage for the first time in the country’s history.

Following is video of the play where¬†Giorgos Samaras went to the ground. He was tripped up after tangling with Giovanni Sio’s leg.

[Vine via SB Nation]

  • F Wilson

    i think penalty rules should be more accessible to the (usa) public, otherwise all the tripping & falling i saw in this match, and many of these matches, makes this last game-winning/team-shattering call more than suspect: the players leg kicks into the defender – that’s enough for a free me-against-you kick to decide the game?!?!?!?!? very suspect…