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Jack Youngblood does not have Urban Meyer on his Christmas card mailing list

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Cred: Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Count Jack Youngblood among the Florida Gator greats who disapprove of Urban Meyer. Once a staunch ally, Youngblood now views the former Florida coach as a turncoat liar.

“When somebody tells me something to my face, I expect it to be truth,” Youngblood said of Meyer. “When it turns out not to be the truth, that doesn’t (put him) very high on my Christmas card list.”

Of the many issues he has with Meyer, Youngblood takes exception to the recruiting practices and “values” Meyer preached during his tenure. Squeaky-clean players such as Tim Tebow and David Nelson were touted as models for the program. However, after Meyer left, and his control on the Florida media lessened, the leech field began to overflow. It now appears the “high character guys” may have been  outliers.

“He (Meyer) said character was the No. 1 thing and the main thing he was recruiting on,” Youngblood said. “That didn’t happen. And then all of the stuff at the end of (his UF stint), there just was just no consistency to me.”

One of the concerns when brining in Meyer was that he didn’t understand Florida’s tradition and passion. On the surface he appeared to “get it” immediately. However, with every day that he is removed from the program, it appears more like a good paint job than server for the university.

Luckily for Gators fans, legends like Youngblood aren’t afraid to show what true Orange and Blue passion is. Unfortunately for Meyer, he’s getting one less Christmas card.

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